Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this Vapetastic I keep hearing about?

Vapetastic is the newest, coolest online Vape Shop in town.  We are located in Winnipeg, MB, and will ship anywhere in Canada.  Local delivery (Greater Winnipeg area) is available.  Shipping is flat-rate, and free over $120.  Jim has been a vaper  for many years, and has tried a  lot of the products available.  We will stock only items that are reliable, and of excellent quality, with good performance.  The products on offer on this site are all top-notch items, and the  juice is all Canadian-made, hand selected flavors.

  • Why should I order from you?

‘Should’ is a strong word.  I actually don’t think you should. You could.  Five years ago there were very few vendors in Canada.  That’s all changed. There are a lot.  Some bad ones.  There is also  many, many good ones, thankfully.  The big advantage of buying from me, is you will get your stuff fast, and even possible same-day service.  No more running out of juice.  The second reason is service related.  I have lots of years of experience with these  products, and I can explain the  pro’s and con’s of each product.  You can expect honesty from Vapetastic!

  • What’s an Electronic Cigarette/Personal Vaporizer?

An electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette), personal vaporizer (PV) is a battery-powered device which simulates tobacco smoking.  It generally uses a heating element that vaporizes a liquid solution. Some solutions contain a mixture of nicotine and flavourings, while others release a flavoured vapor without nicotine.

Is, this like, for drugs?

No!  None of these products are appropriate for this.  You are on the wrong site!

Do you guarantee that I will quit smoking?

Absolutely not.  These products are not sold as smoking cessation products, with no health claims whatsoever.  These products MAY (and a very good chance), help you to STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES.  This is one of the main goals of Vapetastic.  What’s important in substituting  traditional cigarette smoking with electronic devices is the hardware (the ecig or personal vaporizer itself), and the ejuice (or eLiquid).  With the right flavour, and strength, you may not feel like smoking a real cigarette.  I’ve talked to lots of people about this in the past five years, and a lot of people suddenly realized their daily trip to 7-11 wasn’t necessary anymore.

  • The one’s at the smoke shop are more expensive than yours.  So they must be better.

Do some due-diligence before you buy.  Google the brand names.   Check out who owns these companies.  Recently, a lot of tobacco companies are buying electronic cigarette companies.  They want you to still smoke, and to buy these new electronic cigarettes.  Although they do work to a point, the batteries they use don’t last long enough, and most of them provide juice/cartomizers with 0 nicotine for a pretty expensive price.  10ml of juice should NEVER be more than $10.

  • What about those fancy ones at convenience stores that cost only $10.  They come in a fancy box, so..

Yes, I’ve tried them.  They aren’t terrible, but they are expensive for what you get. You may be promised that an electronic cigarette from the convenience store will be the equivalent of a pack or two of cigarettes.  It’s not true. They will last for a few hours, and then ready for the garbage.  They also at this time, have no nicotine, so they don’t feel as satisfying.  No throat hit, not as much satisfaction.  You can tell the difference with a quality product.

  • What’s an atomizer?

The atomizer is the heating element in an e-cigarette that produces vapor.  There are many kinds of atomizers available in today’s market.  Each atomizer differs in design and threading. Some atomizers produce more vapor, some atomizers produce more flavor, and some atomizers produce a better throat hit.

Vapetastic sells atomizers with an Ego or 510 threaded connection.  This is to ensure that any atomizer (or clearomizer, glassomizer, tank, etc) will fit on any device. For example, the EVOD atmomizer will most certainly fit on an MVP-2, as the MVP-2 will accept the Ego connection.  Reversely, an Innokin IClear 16 will fit on an EVOD Battery, as the connection will be the same.

  • What’s eJuice?

Ejuice (or ELiquid) is the liquid that is put into the tank or atomizer that is then vaporized.  It’s usually made with concentrated nicotine, propylene-glycol, glycerin and flavourings.  Vapetastic only sells Canadian-made eLiquids.

  • Do you deliver?

Yes.  However, please make it worth my time.  I prefer $50 or more, I will gladly deliver to your home, or some other public place.  If you are a known customer, these rules won’t apply (and calling them rules is really an exaggeration).  We can meet downtown during lunchtime or after 5pm as well, as long as you order the night before. If you order during the day, I can work with you to get you your supplies in the evening.

  • How does free shipping work?

Order $100 of products, and Canada Post shipping will be free.

  • How do I use Interac E-Transfer?

To be updated soon.

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